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Phoenix is a company that helps businesses grow worldwide.

It also serves as a central hub for information about the business, including its products and services, mission and vision, history, and culture. The company is designed to present a professional and trustworthy corporate image and to communicate important information to stakeholders, including customers, employees, investors and partners.

Our Vision

Create a world where everyone has access to business & the same opportunity to succeed as well as expand globally.

Our Mission

Provide innovative and inclusive tools to all individuals, regardless of their backgrounds and cultures.

Mohamed El Sabbagh

CEO & Founder

Our core values


We are always committed to improving the quality that can bring success and satisfaction to your business.


Always provide business-specific accessibility that can be used by people with various abilities and disabilities.


Openness will drive growth, innovation, collaboration, strong relationships in personal and professional contexts.

The values that shape everything better

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